Ok...So what's this site all about???

In deciding to put this website together, I had to think, "Just what are you trying to accomplish?" What were my goals?  So, for lack of a more detailed description of my goals I guess I would describe my singular purpose here is to "Speak Out" to as many folks as possible my take on news events that I think are extremely important that affect our lives in some pretty dynamic ways.

Now, my opinions may not be your opinions. That's ok. But I think it reasonable and prudent to listen to other opinions and see where other folks stand on certain issues that confront us on a daily basis.

What you will see here are compilations of articles to read and/or listen to with my views on a number of subjects. It will not be for the faint of heart or folks who are reasoning challenged.

This site will continue to be modified over the next months with some features added, modified, and, in all likelihood, some deleted.

Not all of these commentaries will be political in nature. Some will have to do with everyday issues that we have to deal with and my take on some of these issues.  

My opinions may please you and they may not. It is what it is. I am not the most reverend, sensitive guy on the planet. 

Let's see what we see.  Here goes.

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  Just listened to Joe Biden state that he will NOT run for President. But...........he laid out a scenario for this country that was...............so sweet.  This is the thought that ran through my head as I listened to him:

 BIDEN: Look folks, we can do this. Free stuff for everyone. We're a team and a team works together. (He's kind of right in a leftist kind of way). We are a team kind of like a rowing crew team. There are 12 rowers propelling this craft. Now, the 4 rowers in the very back of the racing shell (what those guys call their boat) don't have to row very much at all because you have been deprived of being in the front of the shell. You 4 rowers in the middle have to row a little bit harder than the 4 in the back because you want to set an example for those in the back but we are fully aware that you are being deprived of sitting in the front. We feel your pain. BUT.......you 4 rowers in the front have got to give it 200% - 100% for yourselves plus 75% more for the four in the back and an additional 25% for those 4 in the middle. Oh yes, I'll be the guy in the back yelling at you and scolding the 4 guys in the front and the 4 in the middle admonishing them that they just have to work harder if we are going to win this thing. We ALL want to win and this is the best way...........according to Go-Slow Joe.

George  "GORDO"  Calcagno



​​​Obama Demands Schools Celebrate New Holiday… Parents Everywhere Are Furious

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